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Furniture & Joinery

The Koves Furniture and Joinery Catalogue includes: 

  • Screw Cover Caps for; Pozi, Square drive (Robertson drive), Conformat, and Arnold

  • Shelf Supports; Male and Female

  • Door Buffers

  • Blanking Plugs (2 types)

  • Cable Entry Caps (aka Cable Ports)

  • Dowels (3 styles for knock down and kitset furniture)

  • Cupboard vents

  • Paper Grommets

  • Cup Dispensers (2 sizes and 2 colours)

Building Products

  • 34mm Grommet for Light Guage Steel Framing

  • 35mm Thermal Block (Truss Block) for Light Guage Steel Framing

  • Electrical Conduit Positioning Beam

  • Electrical Conduit Positioning Cradle

Other Stock Products

  • Koves 35mm G Clamp

  • Koves Heavy Duty Tray

  • Promotional Coaster

  • Polymer Sample Disk

  • ID Tag


We still make some buttons, contact us to enquire

Medical Products

  • Suction Control Valve

  • Sims Reducer

  • 5 in 1 Adapter

  • 6.3mm Straight Connector

  • 7.9mm Straight Connector

Stock Products

Exceptional products, available off the shelf.

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