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Exceptional Products, available off the shelf

Furniture & Joinery catalogue

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The  Koves  F&J  Catalogue  includes: 

Screw Cover Caps  for;  Pozi,  Square drive (Robertson drive),  Conformat,  and Arnold.

Shelf Supports;  Male and Female

Door Buffers

Blanking Plugs  (2 types)

Cable Entry Caps  (aka Cable Ports)

Dowels   (3 styles for knock down and kitset furniture)

Cupboard vents

Paper Grommets

Cup Dispensers  (2 sizes and 2 colours)

Medical Products


Suction Control Valve

Sims Reducer

5 in 1 Adapter

6.3 mm Straight Connector

7.9mm Straight Connector

Building Products

Buttons         YES !   We still make Buttons

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Exceptional Products, available off the shelf

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Other Stock Products

SF Grommet green.jpg

34mm Grommet for Light Guage Steel Framing

35mm Thermal Block (Truss Block) for Light Guage Steel Framing

Electrical Conduit Positioning Beam

Electrical Conduit Positioning Cradle

G clamp Assembly isometric.jpg

OTHER  - stock products

Koves 35mm G Clamp

Koves Heavy Duty Tray

Promotional Coaster

Polymer Sample Disk

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